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1-1 Coaching Options

Work directly with Josh for a fully customised training experience. *All training plans include option to upgrade to facility use and supervised training

Personal Training

Looking to improve overall health, fitness and body composition? Go here! 

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Strength and Conditioning

Want to improve your sport specific strength and fitness? Go here! 

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Nutrition Coaching

Looking to improve your nutrition to help maximise progress? Go here! 

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Join our club membership for custom online programmes and a personalised coaching experience £30 per month

Athletic Performance Club

Develop strength, explosiveness and overall athleticism 


Muscle and Strength Club 

Build muscle and strength, and develop an athletic physique


Weightlifting Club 

Develop your strength and skill in weightlifting specific lifts


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*Option to add use of FX Fitness Facility to these plans for an additional £40/m.


Here's what a few of our athlete's have had to say

Joe Crawford- Youth Boxing Champion

“Alongside my boxing coaches, The S&C support from Josh has helped me to consistently perform at a high level, winning national competitions and regularly reaching the final stages of national championships”

Ben Frechette- Endurance Athlete

"Consistently performing well in endurance events is tough, but alongside a busy work schedule it’s almost impossible! Josh transformed my approach to training, and helped me to build the confidence and fitness to perform in some of my most challenging events!” 

Oliver Norwood- Pro Footballer

“The results are I got when working with FX were 2nd to non-helping me improve all my target areas and also drop body fat and gain lean muscle at the same time.  I put this down as one of the biggest contributing factors to the successful and injury free seasons I have had."

Mikey Taubman- Sprint Athlete

"The last few seasons have been difficult for me due to injuries, and I knew something needed to change to get me back to being competitive on the track! Working with the team at FX and my coaches and physios, I’m now stronger, fitter, and moving better than I have in years! Bring on the new season!”

Want to know how we can help you to get results?

12 week Training Programmes

Get started today with one of our expert training programme, including support and guidance from your own coach throughout! Take your fitness and performance to a new level! All just £50 each!!

Athletic Development Programme

This 12 week plan is expertly designed to take you through 3 specific training phases to take your fitness, strength and explosiveness to new levels! 

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Muscle and Strength Programme

The 12 week programme takes you through 3 intense training phases in just 3 sessions per week. The perfect way to take control of your strength and physique! 

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Your Coach- Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC, CSCS, Pn1


I'm really looking forward to helping you to make progress towards your goals! Since 2010, I've been helping people to achieve life changing results with their body composition, health, and sports performance, and I'm looking forward to helping you to do the same! 

Ready to get started? Book a Free discovery call now, or take a more detailed look at the options above. 

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