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If you're looking to get the best possible results on your body transformation over the next 8 weeks, this course is for you! 



Your primary coach for the physique programme willl be Josh. Josh is the Co- owner and Director of FX, and is the lead performance coach. Josh has an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science, a Masters degree in strength and conditioning, and is an accredited member of the UK strength and conditioning association. Josh also has a number of other certifications in the fields of exercise mechanics, physiology, nutrition and more. 

Over the past decade, Josh has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their goals, and hasallowed him to build an approach that will help you get to the next level! 

A Complete, detailed training programme!

This course includes a fully individualised training programme, including exercise videos, sets, reps, rest times and more. The programme is delivered through our very own training app!

Over 5 hours of physique education!

We've spent months putting together this content to help you to get the most out of the course. How to exercise, heart rate zones, nutrition education, supplements, motivation and willpower tips, and much more! 

Personal support from your dedicated coach!

Every week you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress with your coach, asking any questions and having the full support you need to really maximise your results! This personal consultancy is crucial for your results! 

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"Let's take your physique up a level! "

Josh Kennedy

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