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Upgrade your fitness and lifestyle with our ELITE programme for MEN. 

This programme will help you to manage stress, eliminate overwhelm and take back control of your health, fitness, and life. The fact is, more and more men are struggling to manage work, family, finances, health and wellness. 

This means that exercise and nutrition gets pushed down the priority list, which only increases the problem. This programme will give you the solution to feel great, manage stress, build and improve relationships, be healthy, and take back control of your life. All whilst getting in great shape! 

Next Intake January 2020. Sign up to the application process here.

Manage stress and overwhelm

Stress can be a nightmare for men, with financial, physical, and social pressures faced every single day. But stress can also help us to perform at our potential, and drive us to doing great things. Stress itself then, isn't the problem. How we manage it is. 

Upgrade your fitness and physique

Tried this before? Yeah, and I bet it kind of worked? Only you're still here, looking at how to really get ahead. This course will give you an individual training and nutrition programme based around your fitness, goals and life, build by industry leaders in the field of wellness and performance. 

Improve your relationships by focusing on YOU!

Every plan you've tried in the past is probably focused around doing things for someone else. This one is for YOU! You're already busy, already stressed, and already working hard. We Won't ask you to do more, we'll help you to focus on what matters to you. 

Hosted By

Josh Kennedy

FX Director and Performance lead coach 

Jamie Kennedy

FX Director and General Manager 


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