The BIG PROBLEM with most gym memberships!

This article isn’t a shock to you. We know that our current “gym memberships” are failing miserably to help people to get healthy. Here’s why.

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Before I dive into the things you can do today to make your gym membership useful, let me take you back to the days when I used to work out in local gyms. These are the days before I’d spent over a decade studying how to really make progress. Before I’d worked with hundreds of people, and faced thousands of problems to be solved to help them to achieve their goals. Back then, I was just wanting to get healthy and get in great shape, and the “solution” offered was much the same as is offered to most of us today. A Gym membership.  

I followed the suggestions. I worked out 3-4x per week. I trained both weights and CV. And being dead keen to progress, I even got the magazines...

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Why poor exercise execution is destroying your results- and how to fix it!

Exercise execution is under valued by most people looking to make changes to their body. We put all of the emphasis on the training programme itself- the exercises- order- sets- reps……. All crucial components, but without good exercise execution, probably over emphasised.

Great exercise execution with a solid programme can lead to truly remarkable results. But, an equally good programme with poor exercise execution can lead to minimal results, and a world of other problems.

So, if you want to make progress, let’s dive in….


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What do we mean by exercise execution?

Simply put, exercise execution is how we perform the exercise to ensure it’s effectiveness. We need to consider not only the main muscles worked, but the individual anatomy of the person, their strengths, weaknesses, injury history, movement habits, mobility, specific range for that muscle group, and more.

The first...

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How to Lose fat and build motivation in time for Christmas!

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Ok, now we’ve got the shameless pitch out of the way, here’s the article.


That time of year again… Someone mentions the Christmas party. The environment instantly shifts. It’s almost like getting to the airport the morning of a holiday… “5.30am? Pint Please!”. It’s just one of those things, we get to November, we book up our weekends, and we decide that “I can’t make any progress, so I’ll just try extra hard from January”. Welcome to the rapid decline in fitness and physique.

Lucky for you, this doesn’t need to happen! You can still make sure you’re making your best progress of the year in the coming weeks- even with a busier social life! Right now, this is completely up to you. Either late 2019 was a...

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