As Health and Fitness Development lead at FX, Josh has a wealth of experience working with all types of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

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Improve Health! 

All plans start with a focus on overall health and wellness. Healthy people make faster progress! Your exercise plan should work around your life, not the other way around. Want to feel great again? Start with health! Effective training and nutrition plans can make this possible! 

Build strength and Fitness

Strength is a key consideration in all of our plans, as is overall fitness. Often, people apply the wrong methods, at the wrong time, and suffer the consequences with poor results. Not this time! 

Prevent injuries and reduce pain

The demands of daily life predispose us to some common issues and injuries (sore knees, bad backs, etc). Effective exercise and nutrition can help to reduce pain and minimise injury risk, but only when expertly planned. Done wrong, this can make things worse. Luckily, we have you covered. 

Online Personal Training with Josh

£149.99/ m

Most Popular

  • Personalised training programme 

  • Basic Nutrition Support 

  • Weekly Check ins and programme adjustments 

  • Monthly review and programme modifications 

  • Access to FX online Education 

  • Access to our supportive Facebook members community 

  • Fitness testing and result analysis 

  • Video exercise library and personalised feedback

  • Body composition review 

V.I.P Personal Training with Josh

£499.99/ m

Our most exclusive and advanced package

  • Initial 1-1 Action day (3 hours set up meeting) 

  • Key 5 Life Coaching 

  • FX Daily Planner 

  • Fully personalised training programme 

  • Complete nutrition coaching services

  • Daily habit coaching and accountability 

  • Weekly check ins and programme adjustments

  • Video exercise library and feedback 

  • VIP coaching day (3 hour coaching session)

  • Facebook group access  

  • Weekly live webinars and Q and A

  • Weekly programme review and modifications 

  • Weekly accountability call 

  • Fitness testing and results analysis 

  • Body composition review

Kieron Sethi

 “We’ve had challenges along the way, but having the support to help me to manage these issues that would have normally meant falling off plan has made a huge difference to my results. When your AFTER THE AFTER photo is this good, you know you’re winning.”- Kieron, Men’s body transformation client

Nicola Shanley 

“I started working with Josh after struggling to make progress in the gym. I am now leaner, fitter and stronger than ever.”- Nicola, Women’s body transformation client


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